Long conversation 1

W: Kale, how did your drivers theory exam go? It was yeasterday right?

M: Yes, I prepared as much as I could, but I was so nervous since it was my second trying. The people who worked at the test center were very kind. Though we had a little conversation which calmed me down a bit. And that what I just needed. Then after the exam they printed out my result but I was so afraid to open it until I was outside. It was a relief to pass.

W: Congratulations.I knew you could do it. I guess you underestimated how difficult it would be the first time, didn’t you? I hear a lot of people make that mistake and go in underprepared but good job in passing the second time. I’m so proud of you. Now all you have to do next is your road test. Have you had any lessons yet?

M: Yes. Thanks. I’m so happy to be actually on the road now. I’ve only had two driving lessons so far and my instructor is very understanding, so I’m really enjoying it and I can’t wait for my next session although the lessons are rather expensive. 20 pounds an hour and the instructor says I’ll need about 30 to 40 lessons in total, that’s what six to eight hundred pounds. So this is time I’ll need to make a lot more effort and hopefully we’ll be successful the first time.

W: Well, good luck.

Long conversation 2

M: University of Leeds. Since you’re going to university in England. Do you know how much it is for international students to study there?

W: Congratulations. Yes, I believe for international students you will have to pay around thirteen thousand pounds a year. It’s just a bit more than the local students.

M: OK, so that’s about seventeen thousand dollars for the tuition and fees. Anyway I’m only going to be there for a year doing my masters. So it’s pretty good. If I stayed in the US, it would take two years and cost at least fifty thousand dollars intuition alone. Also, have a good chance of winning a scholarship at Leeds which would be pretty awesome. The benefits of being a music genius.

W: Yeah I heard you’re a talented piano player. So you’re doing a postgraduate degree now. I’m still in my last year, graduating next June. Finally I’ll be done with my studies and could go on to earning loads of money.

M: Are you still planning on being a teacher? No money in that job then.

W: You’d be surprised I’m still going to be a teacher but the plan is to work at an international school overseas after I get a year or so of experience in England. It’s better pay and I get to travel which reminds me I’m late for my class and I’ve got some documents I need to print out first. I’d better run.



The center of American automobile innovation has in the past decade moved 2,000 miles away. It has 26 from Detroit to Silicon Valley, where self-driving vehicles are coming into life.

In a 27 to take production back to Detroit, Michigan lawmakers have introduced 28 that could make their state the best place in the country, if not the world, to develop self-driving vehicles and put them on the road.

“Michigan’s 29 in auto research and development is under attack from several states and countries which desire to 30 our leadership in transportation. We can’t let happen,” says Senator Mike Kowall, the lead 31 of four bills recently introduced.

If all four bills pass as written, they would 32 a substantial update of Michigan’s 2013 law that allowed the testing of self-driving vehicles in limited conditions. Manufacturer would have nearly total freedom to test their self-driving technology on public roads. They would be allowed to send groups of self-driving cars on cross-state road trips, and even set on-demand 33 of self-driving cars, like the one General Motors and Lyft are building.

Lawmakers in Michigan clearly want to make the state ready for the commercial application of self-driving technology. In 34 , California, home of Silicon Valley, recently proposed far more 35 rules that would require human drivers be ready to take the wheel, and commercial use of self-driving technology.

A) bid

B) contrast

C) deputy

D) dominance

E) fleets

F) knots

G) legislation

H) migrated

I) replace

J) represent

k) restrictive

L) reward

M) significant

N) sponsor

O) transmitted

26.[答案] H  migrated

[解析]:The center of American automobile innovation has in the past decade moved…这是在说美国汽车创新中心移动了,move;所填单词的所在句为It has(    ) from Detroit to Silicon Valley, where self-driving vehicles are… 其中“Detroit”指的是底特律,“Silicon Valley”指的是硅谷,也就是说它从底特律移动到了硅谷,在备选项中,表示“迁移,移动”的是H项migrated。

27.[答案] A  bid

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为In a(    ) to take production back to Detroit,此处考查的是一个固定搭配,in a bid to 表示“为了”,这个考题相对较难,一些考生不太容易迅速识别出来,因此在复习过程中要提高固定搭配的掌握程度。

28.[答案] G  legislation

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为Michigan lawmakers have introduced(    ) that could make their state the best place in the country, lawmakers 指的是立法者,那么和他相关的就是法律了,备选项中G legislation符合句意。

29.[答案] D  dominance

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为Michigan’s(    ) in auto research and development is under attack … 在汽车研究和发展中Michigan的(    ) 受到了打击,这里首先需要的是一个名词,对比备选项中的名词后发现D项dominance最符合句意,Michigan的主 导性或主 导地位受到了打击。

30.[答案] I  replace

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为Michigan’s(    ) in auto research and development is under attack from several states and countries who desire to(    ) our leadership in transportation. 在上个题目中分析出Michigan的主 导性或主 导地位受到了打击,这些打击是来自于several states and countries,他们是渴望(    ) 我们在交通中的领导地位,不难看出,是想取代,备选项中I项replace最符合句意。

31.[答案] N  sponsor

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为“We can’t let that happen,”says Senator Mike Kowall, the lead (    ) of four bills recently introduced. 显然lead后面一定是个名词,而且这是对Mike Kowall的进一步解释说明,对比备选项中的名词后发现N 项sponsor最符合句意,指的是主要发起人。

32.[答案] J  represent

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为If all four bills pass as written, they would (    )a Michigan substantial update of Michigan’s 2013 law… 句子大意为:如果这四项法案都能通过,那么它们将(    )密歇根州的重大更新。这里首先需要一个动词,根据句意都能通过,那么这一位数重大更新,对比备选项中的动词后发现J项represent最符合句意。

33.[答案] E  fleets

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为They’d be allowed to send groups of self-driving cars on cross-state road trips, and even set up on-demand (    ) of self-driving cars—like the one General Motors and Lyft are building. 做这个题需要看前后句,前半句send groups of self-driving cars,后半句是set up on-demand (    ) of self-driving cars,groups对应的是备选项中的E项fleets.

34.[答案] B  contrast

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为In (    ) ,这道题目较简单,首先这是考固定搭配,在备选项中能够构成固定搭配的是B项contrast,表对比。

35.[答案] K  restrictive

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为California, home of Silicon Valley, recently proposed far more (    ) rules that would require human drivers be ready to take the wheel, and ban commercial use of autonomous tech. 所填词是修饰rules的,因此应该是个形容词,rules将限制人类驾驶员……也就是说明这个rules是具有约束性的,在备选项中K项 restrictive最符合句意,表示“限制性的,约束的”。


26.[答案] G habitats

[解析]:该段讲述人为沉船的目的是为了打造暗礁,用来水肺式潜泳和保护海洋的(),由此可知括号里需要填名词,分析选项可知D, F, G, J, N和O是名词,再根据搭配的动词“preserve”可排除D,根据句意可排除F,,J和O,从剩下的两个中可以看出一个是“栖息地”,一个是“领土”,那么要保护的是自然是海洋的栖息地这一常见搭配。

27.[答案] M stripped

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为The hollowed-out A300 was of everything potentially harmful to the environment…, 此处考查的是一个固定搭配,be stripped of 表示“被剥夺,除去”,这个考题相对较难,一些考生不太容易迅速识别出来,因此在复习过程中要提高固定搭配的掌握程度。

28.[答案] A create

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为Not only will the sunken plane the perfect skeleton for artificial reef growth, 此句为倒装句,由“will”可知后面需要填一个动词原形,那么从A和H中选,这就涉及到“create”和“innovate”的辨析,“innovate”一般用作不及物动词,英文解释为“to introduce new things, ideas, or ways of doing sth”,中文意思为发明,而“create”一般用作及物动词,英文解释为“to make sth happen or exist”,中文意思为创造,再根据句意“下沉的飞机不仅会为人工暗礁的发展___完美构架”可知“create”是正确选项。

29.[答案] L stretches

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为The plane a total length of 54 meters, 这是在说飞机的长度,即使不知道长度的固定搭配是“stretch”,也可根据主语“the plane”判断谓语必须是单数第三人称,因此可直接选到L。

30.[答案] C eventually

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为where experienced scuba divers will be able to venture through the cabin… 可判断需填的单词词性为副词,可定位到eventually 和 intentionally这两个词上,分别表示“最终”和“有意地”,根据句意可知“eventually”更符合 。

31.[答案] F exterior

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为and around the plane’s 显然应填个名词,符合条件的名词有experiences, investment, territory 和 victim,再根据句意“潜水者最终可以探索机舱和飞机的____”,潜水者会探索飞机的内部和外部,所以应选exterior。

32.[答案] J investment

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为but they hope to see a return on that through the tourism industry. 由that代词可知需填一个名词。符合条件的有experiences, investment, territory和victim,句子大意为:他们希望通过旅游业看到在___上的回报,前一句说明投资者在飞机上花了大量的金钱,所以应选择investment。

33.[答案] O victim

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为.. as the country has been the of several deadly terrorist attacks. “the”和“of”可知要填一个名词,则需从experiences, territory 和victim里选,再根据句意“土耳其这个国家是几起致命的恐怖袭击的___” 可知选victim,受害者。

34.[答案] I intentionally

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为this Airbus A300 is the largest___ sunk aircraft ever. 此处可以填写一个形容词和sunk并列修饰aircraft,也可以是一个副词修饰形容词sunk。符合条件的形容词有depressed(沮丧的)、revealing(透露真情的、有启迪作用的);符合条件的副词有intentionally(故意地、有意地)。由上下文可知,这架飞机是被人为地沉没到海底地,所以此处应该选intentionally,故意被沉没的飞机。

35.[答案] E exploring

[解析]:所填单词的所在句为Taking a trip underwater and __ the inside of a sunken A300 would be quite an adventure, and并联连词连接taking和填空部分,形式应与taking保持一致,动词的现在分词形式。符合条件的动词有exploring(探索)、revealing(揭露)。再根据句意“经历一场水下旅行和_______沉没的A300内部”可知,应该选择exploring,探索内部。


36. It has been found that inadequate recovery often leads to poor health and accidents.


解析:题目的意思是缺乏复原能力会导致健康状况不佳甚至出事故。D段的第二句直接体现了这个意思:Research has found that there is a direct correlation between lack of recovery and increased incidence of health and safety problems.因此本题答案为D。

37. Mental relaxation is much needed, just as physical relaxation is.



Our brains need a rest as much as our bodies do.说明大脑和身体一样都需要休息,brain对应题目中的mental,bodies对应题目中的physical,因此本题答案为J。

38. Adequate rest not only helps one recover, but also increases one’s work efficiency.



L段通过举例,如90分钟休息一次,不在办公桌前吃午饭,休完带薪假期等来说明充足的休息可以让人恢复精力并有助于提高工作效率和升职,最后一句话正好印证了题目raises your productivity and likelihood of promotion,因此本题答案为L。

39. The author always has a hectic time before taking a flight.


解析:hectic time指的是紧张而忙碌的时间,题目的意思是,作者在坐飞机之前总是忙忙碌碌的。由A段第一句we sometimes fantasize about how much work we can do when one of us gets on a plane可知,“我们上飞机前能做多少工作”后面继续解释:We race to get all our ground work done: packing, going through security, doing a last-minute work call, calling each other, then boarding the plane.由此可知,作者上飞机前要打包、安检、打最后一个工作电话、彼此打电话等。因此作者上飞机前要忙很多事情。故正确答案为A。

40. Recovery may not take place even if one seems to have stopped working.


解析:题目意思是即使一个人不再工作,可能也不会恢复(精力、体力),而E段第一句And just because work stops, it doesn’t mean we are recovering.真是此意,因此本题答案为E。

41. It is advised that technology be used to prevent people from overworking.


解析:题目意思是,可以用技术来防止人们过度工作。K段第三句通过Amy Blankson

的例子来解释如何通过科技来控制过度工作:Amy Blankson describes how to strategically stop during the day by using technology to control overworking.因此本题答案为K。

42. Contrary to popular belief, rest does not equal recovery.


解析:题目意思是,与普遍看法想法,休息并不等同于复原。I段最后一句That’s because

rest and recovery are not the same thing.说明休息和复原并不是一回事,因此本题答案为I。

43. The author has come to see that his problem results from a misunderstanding of the meaning of resilience.


解析:B段最后一句the problem comes from a misconception of what it means to be resilient直接表明答案:问题不是我们繁忙的日程安排或者飞机旅行本身,而是源于我们对复原能力的误解。故正确答案为B。

44. People’s distorted view about resilience may have developed from their upbringing.



The misconception of resilience is often bred from an early age.中,misconception对应题目中的distorted view,bred from an early age对应题目中的have developed from their upbringing,因此本题答案为G。

45.People tend to think the more determined they are, the greater their success will be.


解析:C段倒数第二句We believe that the longer we tough it out, the tougher we are, and therefore the more successful we will be.说明我们坚持得越久,我们就会越坚强越成功,与题目相符,因此本题选C。

2019年6月大学英语四级长篇阅读真题(Passage One-婚姻与疾病)

46.What can we learn about marriage vows from the passage?

答案:A they may not guarantee a lasting marriage

解析:通过 marriage vows 可定位到文章第一段,But a new study finds that the risk of divorce among older married couples rises when the wife—but not the husband—becomes seriously ill.说明vows并不能保证长久的婚姻关系。而且结合下文可以看出在疾病面前,尤其是当妻子生病后,婚姻关系更容易破裂。其他选项都与这个主题不符合。所以不选。

47.What did Karraker and co-author Kenzie Latham find about elderly husbands?

答案:47B They can become increasingly vulnerable to serious illnesses.

解析:通过 题干可定位至原文第四段:The incidence of new chronic illness onset increased over time as well, with more husbands than wives developing serious health problems.根据句意随着时间的增长,新的慢性病的发病率也随之增高,在患病的夫妻当中,丈夫的数量超过妻子。同时第五段中也有相关的句子。“We found that women are doubly vulnerable to marital dissolution in the face of illness,” Karraker said. “They are more likely to be widowed, and if they are the ones who become ill, they are more likely to get divorced.”

四个选项中,B比较符合原文,contract serious illnesses than their wives与 more husbands than wives developing serious health problems.

48.What does Karraker say about women who fall ill?

答案:48B they are more likely to get divorced

解析:由题目顺序和题干定位到第五段 “They are more likely to be widowed, and if they are the ones who become ill, they are more likely to get divorced.”大意为,如果丈夫得重病,妻子更容易成为寡妇,而如果她们得病,则可能以离婚结束。A选项和原文相反,C与D选项原文没有明确的信息。

49.Why is it more difficult for men to take care of their sick spouses according to Karraker?

答案:49A they are more accustomed to receiving care

解析:通过题干定位到第六段“Gender norms and social expectations about care-giving may make it more difficult for men to provide care to ill spouses,” 词句大意是性别的常态(在照顾人方面)以及社会的看法导致男性很难做到照顾生病的配偶。其他选项都不符合原文的意思。

50.What does Karraker think is also important?

答案:50C providing extra care for divorced women

解析:由题干定位到最后一段,“Offering support services to spousal caregivers may reduce marital strain and prevent divorce at older ages,” she said. “But it’s also important to recognize that the impetus for divorce may be health-related and that sick ex-wives may need additional care and services to prevent worsening health and increased health expenditures.” 可以看出,本段有两层观点,题目问题对应第二层观点,即由于疾病导致守寡的女性需要社会额外地照顾,防止女性健康恶化,增加医疗方面的开支。由此答案选择C.


36. I. 根据题干中的定位词“extend lifespan”,“more careers”回文定位至第I段中“containing two, three, or even more different careers”一句。

37. G. 根据题干中的定位词“extending careers”,“positive and negative effects”回文定位至第G段中“that doesn’t mean that simply extending our careers is appealing”。这句话的逻辑即指正反两方面,再看后文两句,正好印证了题干内容。

38. D. 根据题干中的定位词“Americans”,“delay marriage”,“by eight years”回文定位至第D段最后一句,两个年龄(21 & 29)是明显的提示处。

39. N. 根据题干中的定位词“young people”,“no longer”“pattern of life”“parents and grandparents”回文定位至第N段中间部分“The three-stage life of…may have worked for our parents and grandparents, but it is not relevant today.”

40. A. 根据题干中的定位词“live over 100”,“the mid-21st century”回文定位至第A段中的中文“百岁老人”“by 2015”,进一步验证之后可以确定该题对应A段。

41. K. 根据题干中的定位词“radical change”,“approach to life”回文定位至第K段首句的“profound change”“approach to life”,略读该句意思后可确定该题对应K段。

42. H. 根据题干中的定位词“technological change”,“necessary”,“update skills”回文定位至第H段“technological change”“have to make a number of major investments in their skills”.

43. F. 根据题干中的定位词“not want to retire”,“do harm to”“mental and emotional well-being”回文定位至第F段首句“Longevity also pushes back the age of retirement”,以及尾句“Many people may simply not want to do it”.

44. M. 根据题干中的定位词“link between age and stage”,“cease to exist”,“multi-stage life”回文定位至第M段首句“with the variety will come the end of the close association of age and stage”,再看段内出现“multi-stage life”,可确定该题对应M段。

45. C.  根据题干中的定位词“longer and healthier”,“rearrange work and life”回文定位至第C段首句“if many people are living for longer…healthier, then this will…redesign of work and life”。故可确定该题对应C段。


51. What does the recent study say about online CBT programs?


解题思路:正确选项A选项。定位第一段和第二段,找到study,找到CBT,然后具体信息带入,寻找正确选项。第一段第二句就给出了一个结论“在线治疗尽管听起高效、省钱,但是近期的报道称这种方法无效,主要因为病人不大可能参与或者长期使用这种疗法”。第二段介绍了计算机辅助的CBT疗法,和study发现这种疗法no more effective than…。所以可以确定答案为A选项。

干扰排除:B选项虽然说明了一个实际情况,但是这不是study 要说明的情况,所以错误。再看C选项,说的是CBT具有的特点,但是这不是study要说明的观点,所以错误。D选项同理,是CBT的特点,而不是study的观点。做题时候身审题很重要,看清楚设问的时谁的观点,这样才能找到正确的答案。

52. What have made online CBT program increasingly popular?


解题思路:正确选项C选项。具体信息题,寻找在线CBT疗法受欢迎的原因。回到原文定位第三段,找到popularity这个词,这是popular的名词形式,看前后文,词后面介绍了原因low-cost和wherever,低成本和任何有电脑的地方都可以使用,所以很流行。直接定位答案C选项,同义转述词easy and inexpensive。具体信息题大部分都是原文的同义转述。


53. What is the major finding by researchers at University of York?


解题思路:正确选项A选项。定位文章中出现约克大学研究的第四段、第五段,第四段主要讲了实验流程,第五段结论,重点词no improvement,就是选项中no more effective 的同义词,所以选项A为正确选项。


54. What is Professor Dowrick’s advice concerning online CBT program?


解题思路:正确选项B their effectiveness should not be overestimated. 根据关键词Dowrick’ advice 在第六段可以发现他的观点:计算机系统疗法不能代替人类,病人需要与医生和治疗师接触,所以不能高估在线CBT疗法。


55. What is more important to an emotionally vulnerable person?


解题思路:正确选项D Human interaction.定位文章最后一段最后一句“more need of caring of human being”选择同意替换的D选项。







Paper cutting is a unique form of Chinese traditional folk art with a history of more than 2,000 years. Paper cutting probably originated in the Han Dynasty, following the invention of the paper. Since then, it has been spread widely in many parts of China. The materials and tools for paper cutting are simple: paper and scissors. Paper cutting works are usually made of red paper, because red is associated with happiness in traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, in the wedding, the Spring Festival and other festive occasions, red paper cutting is the first choice of door and window decoration.


2019年6月四级翻译真题一共包含七句话,而且段落符合汉语的行文习惯,以短句形式呈现。所以在翻译过程中以简单句,非谓语形式即可。该段话是对中国传统文化的一般描述,所以在翻译的过程中,选取一般现在时即可。下面一起来看一下里面涉及的词汇,首先是“剪纸”,最常用的翻译是“paper cutting”或“Chinese paper cutting”,而且2015年12月份的翻译真题得剪纸,括号中给出的英文就是“paper cutting”,当然有的同学写的 paper cut,paper cuts,或者scissor-cut 也是可以的。其次是“汉代”,译为“Han Dynasty”其中 “汉”使用拼音形式,但应注意,汉代属于专有名词,两个单词的首字母都应大写。“剪刀”译为“scissors”,“作品”译为“work”即可。“喜庆场合”译为“festive occasions”,不会的话,可以下的更简单,比如“happy moment”。





Lion Dancing is a traditional Chinese folk performance with a history of more than 2,000 years. In the Lion Dancing, two performers share one lion costume, one performer moves the head of costume, the other moves his body and tail. They work together skillfully, imitating the lion’s movements. The lion is also the king of animals, symbolizing happiness and good luck, so people usually perform the Lion Dancing during the Spring Festival and other festivals and holidays. Lion Dancing can also be seen on other important occasions, such as the opening ceremony of a shop and wedding ceremonies, often attracting large audience.


2019年6月四级该篇翻译真题一共包含五句话,而且段落符合汉语的行文习惯,大都以短句形式呈现。所以在翻译过程中用简单句,非谓语形式即可。该段话是对中国传统文化的一般描述,所以在翻译的过程中,可选取一般现在时。下面一起来看一下里面涉及的词汇,首先是“舞狮”,最常用的翻译是“Lion Dancing”或“Lion Dance”;其次是“民间表演”,译为“folk performance”,该词在2015年12月翻译真题中,关于剪纸的翻译中曾经出现过,做过历年真题并好好复习的同学应该会很熟悉。“兽中之王”译为“the king of animals”,其中“兽”无需译为“beast或monster”,因为这两个词通常指“怪兽”,所以兽中之王中的兽译为animal即可;“熟练配合”可译为“work together skillfully”,也可译为“cooperate very well”;“商店开业和结婚典礼”译为“the opening ceremony of a shop and wedding ceremonies”,至少通过这次的翻译,应彻底记住“典礼”这个词用英文表达就是“ceremony”。


(一) 试题原文:



1. 测试内容:中国文化。众所周知,自2013年12月考试起,全国大学英语四、六级考试委员会对四级考试的试卷结构和测试题型作局部调整,其中翻译部分的调整比较大,原单句汉译英调整为段落汉译英。翻译内容涉及中国历史、文化、经济、社会发展等。段落长度为140~160个汉字。而本次的测试,也正是按照试题要求进行命制的。

2. 翻译要点:


灯笼:lantern 东汉:the East Han

起源于:originate from 唐代:the Tang Dynasty

安定的生活:peaceful life 用…制成:be made of

生活美满:happy life 生意兴隆:prosperous business

春节:the Spring Festival 元宵节: the Lantern Festival

国庆: the National Day

3. 常用句式:


4. 参考译文:

Lanterns, which originated from the East Han Dynasty, was first used for lighting. In the Tang Dynasty, they were used to celebrate the peaceful life. From then on, lanterns have become popular in various parts of China. A lantern is usually made of thin paper, in various colours, shapes and sizes. Red lanterns symbolize happy life and prosperous business, traditional Chinese culture and thus are hung up in holidays and festivals such as the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and National Day. Today, red lanterns can be seen in many places of the world.

5. 复习指导:





“For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your school newspaper on a volunteer activity organized by yous Student Union to help elderly people in the neighborhood. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.”


On June 14, Friday, a volunteer activity where many students took an active part in visiting the local Nursing House was organized by the Student Union and it turns out to be a big success.

The activity was aimed at encouraging students to visit the elderly at the Nursing House and help elderly people deal with their troubles both physical and psychological. Many students volunteered to participate in this good deed and were engaged in helping the elderly here out by making their meals, washing their clothes and chatting with them. When asked about those volunteers’ feelings about such an experience, all of them responded with a smile, saying “what a wonderful practice and I really appreciate this experience, for it makes me learn to care more for others in need.”

All in all, the activity turns out to be a success not only for the visited elderly but for those students involved.







For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your campus newspaper on a visit to a local farm organized by your Student Union. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


An Impressive Activities-Visiting

In order to help us students to enrich life and broaden horizon, the Student Union organized a meaningful activity on last weekend–visiting the local farm, by which we grasped much useful knowledge about agriculture.

The farm we visited is located in the suburb of Beijing and far away from our school, which covers an area of 1000 square feet. Along with native foods like rice and potatoes, the farmers on the farm grow many organic vegetables, including corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and so forth. Besides, the farm breeds a host of local species such as dairy cattle, geese, chicken by modern scientific technique. One of the most impressive things for us is that by means of green farming methods, the problem of environmental pollution has been effectively alleviated.

This outdoors activity has a really deep impression for us. Not only did it get us closer to the nature and relieve pressure from us, it also enhance our professional knowledge about husbandry technology.








Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your campus newspaper on a visit to a Hope Elementary School organized by your Student Union. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


On the morning of June 1st, a group of volunteers from our university’s Student Union paid a visit to a Hope Primary School to help the children there have a happy Children’s Day.

We arrived at this school at nine in the morning and the children welcomed us warmly. This volunteer activity mainly include three parts. In the first place, we introduced ourselves briefly, which helped us to know each other better. Additionally, we organized some recreational activities. For example, our talented volunteers taught those children to dance and sing. In the end, we gave the stationery prepared in advance to these lovely children.

This volunteer activity was really impressive. It gave us an opportunity to experience a different life and we were really moved by the children’s enthusiasm.





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